Battenkill Fibers Named 2015 Washington County Small Business of the Year
The mill was recognized at the Dec. 4, 2015 awards luncheon for creating jobs in the county, providing a service to the Upper Hudson Fibershed farmers and yarn companies, and for many contributions to the community including serving as a tourism destination and sponsor of the annual Fiber Festival.

Fiber facility a friend to farmers
Mary Jeanne Packer, owner of Battenkill Valley Fibers, intended to change the way farmers with fleeces do business in the region. What she didn’t plan on was a path to her goal that was itself life-changing. “I’d seen fleeces stacked to the rafters in barns, so I knew there were farmers out there who would be interested in talking to me. Battenkill Fibers would mean a lot for farmers who had not had a market for selling their fleeces,” Packer said. Read full story on-line in New York Farm Bureau May 2011 Grassroots >>>

Battenkill Fibers provides local venue for processing fiber
Before the wholesale loss to overseas manufacturing, upstate New York had a thriving textile industry, with mills lining the region’s rivers and tributaries. With the recent renewed interest in local goods and products, area farmers now have a local venue for processing fiber from shorn sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. "At one point, there were 13 fiber mills located between the Battenkill’s mouth with the Hudson and East Greenwich," said Mary Jeanne Packer. Now, there is only one -- Packer’s recently opened Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill, located at 2532 State Route 40 in the town of Greenwich. Read full story in Bennington (VT) Banner on-line >>>



Fiber Fact Sheets - Information and Fun Ideas

NEW! Felted beads - the ultimate soft sculptural bead. Mold them into any size or shape, they stay soft even
after the felting process is finished. Learn more >>>

NEW! Use colored crepe paper to change the color of either new yarn or wool from an old article of
clothing. Fun for the whole family. Get information >>>

How to Make Hand-painted Yarn - Do you have boring yarn? Read about how to transform any natural fiber yarn (angora, wool, silk, alpaca, mohair, llama, even dog hair!!) into luxurious translucent hand-painted yarn using simple methods and materials. Download instructions >>>

Make a Needle-felted Needle "Purse" - Storing felting needles can be a challenge. Now here's a simple needle-felting project that's useful as well as fun. Download instructions >>>

How to Make Felt - Making felt at home requires little effort due to the nature of the wool. Working water into the fibers interlocks the scales of the wool. This process makes the strong textured fabric-felt. Learn more >>>

Making Wool Dryer Balls - Unlike other fibers, wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in water, making it a viable choice to use for a dryer ball. Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets and will reduce your drying time. Go green and start using wool dryer balls. Download instructions >>>

Dyeing Wool Roving - It's easy to begin dyeing your own roving for spinning or needle felting projects. All you need to begin dyeing is some acid dyes and a heat source. Get started now >>>



Meet (some of) the Battenkill Fibers Team - Left to right: Mike Kilmartin, Ed Godfrey, Mary Jeanne Packer, Devlin Kennedy, Beth Olsen, and Karin Kennedy. "We would love to work for you."
Photo courtesy David Faltskog.


Lambing 101 - Spring is the season when lambs are usually born. Here in the Battenkill Valley, It was a great year for babies!
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